Website Terms of Use

  1. General conditions for using access to the site
    1. These Terms of Use determine the relationship between the Standalone Non-Profit Organization “The Ombudsman for Financial Services’ Consumers Support Service” (OFSC), which manages the site, and the User of the site (hereinafter “the Site”)
    2. The site is located on the worldwide computer network (Internet) and contains information, materials and data provided by the OFSC. The site also enables users to submit appeals to the Financial Ombudsman Service of the Russian Federation in accordance with the requirements of Federal Law of June 4, 2018, No. 123-ФЗ “On the Ombudsman for the Rights of Consumers of Financial Services”.
  2. Terms of use of materials posted on the site
    1. All information posted on the Site (including articles, texts, photographs, illustrations, website design) is an object of Intellectual Property and is protected in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on the protection of intellectual property.
    2. Quoting text materials published on the Site is allowed subject to the following conditions:
      • the extent of quotation cannot exceed 10% of the text in total;
      • when quoting, an reference to the Site and the hyperlink must be used.
      • Persons (organizations) who wish to place a hyperlink to the OFSC site (or to its particular webpage) in order to use it as an element of information (content) in the structure of their Internet resource (for example, in a directory providing for text reconstruction, or in the form of an independent thematic section, etc.) should without fail inform the OFSC about it.
  3. Rights and obligations of the Site User
    1. The user agrees not to take actions aimed at disrupting the functioning of the Site.
    2. The User agrees to provide correct information and avoid giving deliberately misleading information when sending messages to the Site.
  4. Rights and obligations of the OFSC concerning the Site
    1. The OFSC has the right:
      • to monitor the User’s activities on the Site;
      • to restrict user access to the Site if a security risk emerges;
      • to limit the available site functionality for the period of maintenance work on the site;
      • to change these Terms of Use of the Site without prior notice to the User;
      • to send information reports to the user.
    2. The OFSC is obliged:
      • to ensure the functioning of the Site.