The Financial Ombudsman starts issuing certificates on secure forms

The Financial Ombudsman Service has adopted a decision to strengthen the protection of the FOS certificate forms which are executive documents and are intended to enforce the Financial Ombudsman’s decisions. On our initiative, a document with a high degree of protection was developed and produced by State Administration for the Issue of Banknotes (Goznak), Chief Financial Ombudsman Yuri Voronin said.

The FOS certificate forms have been produced on special watermark paper, as well as using anti-counterfeiting protection elements in accordance with the criteria for classifying goods as protected against counterfeiting printing products. The forms meet the requirements for the “B” protection level according to National State Standard (GOST) No. 54109-2010.

“The levels of protection are comparable to those of the writs of execution issued by courts,” Yuri Voronin says. The production of the FOS certificates forms with a high degree of protection is necessary to minimise the risk of document forgery, the Chief Financial Ombudsman emphasized.


In accordance with the Federal Law “On the Ombudsman for the Rights of Consumers of Financial Services”, in the event that a financial institution fails to comply with the Financial Ombudsman’s decision that has entered into force, a certificate is issued to the consumer of financial services, which is an executive document, the form of which is established by the Government of the Russian Federation. The consumer of financial services may apply to the FOS for a certificate within three months from the date when the Financial Ombudsman’s decision was to have been executed. The certificate is issued for the purpose of enforcing the Financial Ombudsman’s decision, which has come into legal force.

Having received the certificate, the consumer should apply to the Federal Bailiff Service (FBS of Russia)* at the legal address of the financial institution, or at the location of its property, or at the legal address of the representative office or branch of the financial institution.

*In accordance with Part 1 of Article 8 of the Federal Law dated 02.10.2007 No. 229-ФЗ “On Enforcement Proceedings”, an enforcement document on the collection of funds may be sent by the claimant to a bank or other credit institution.