Face-to-face reception of citizens via video link

The autonomous non-profit organization «Ombudsman for financial services consumers support Service» (OFSC) has launched a new channel of interaction with consumers of financial services – virtual face-to-face reception of citizens via video link.

Consumers of financial services now have the opportunity not only to receive oral consultations by applying with a question to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) contact centre, but also to receive consultations from employees of the OFSC, authorized to conduct virtual face-to-face reception of citizens via video link with visual support.

Chief Financial Ombudsman Yury Voronin emphasised that «the remote face-to-face reception of citizens will make it possible to demonstrate clearly the process of filling out a FOS application form, so that people could fill out and send their appeals to the Financial Ombudsman via electronic services on their own».

In the course of the face-to-face reception it is possible to seek advice on issues falling within the competence of the Financial Ombudsman Service. For example, questions on the order of registration and filing an appeal to the Financial Ombudsman; on the procedure and terms of treatment by the Financial Ombudsman; on the procedure of execution of the Financial Ombudsman’s decisions; on the procedure of judicial protection of consumers of financial services, including cases of disagreement with the Financial Ombudsman’s decision; questions related to an explanation of the reasons to reject appeals by the FOS. Within the framework of the remote face-to-face reception consumers also have an opportunity to download documents recommended for familiarisation by the staff representative.

Due to the current sanitary and epidemiological situation it is planned that this communication channel will become an alternative to the face-to-face appointment. Please be informed that personal reception of citizens on the FOS premises has been temporarily suspended due to the threat of the spread of the coronavirus infection.

You will be able to receive advice via video link in person regardless of your location. Consumers of financial services need only have access to the internet, a video camera, a microphone and speakers (headphones) on the device from which they are to be connected.

A video link for a remote face-to-face consultation will be available by appointment. Consumers of financial services can make an appointment on their own via electronic appointment form on the FOS official website. Click the link to find up-to-date information on the procedure for conducting and making an appointment.

The new channel of interaction aims to expand the possibilities of communication between consumers of financial services and the OFSC, to provide consumers with cutting-edge tools of interaction.