A meeting of the FOS Expert Council has been held

On 6 October 2020, a regular meeting of the FOS Expert Council was held to consider current issues arising in the course of consideration of consumers’ complaints by the Financial Ombudsman Service.

As part of the meeting, issues related to the recovery of penalties by the FOS were discussed. In particular, the FOS Expert Council discussed the recovery of a penalty from a financial institution for improper performance of obligations to consumers when the amount of the obligation established by the court exceeds the amount established by the Financial Ombudsman. Separately, the members of the Expert Council considered the issue of foreclosure from the financial institution of a penalty for violation of the terms of voluntary performance of obligations to consumers in case when the Financial Ombudsman established a different amount of obligation or its absence.

The meeting also considered the issue of reimbursement of the assignee’s expenses related to payment of a fee required for the FOS to consider the complaint.

Based on the results of the discussion, the Expert Council made the relevant decisions and formulated recommendations for the Financial Ombudsmen. The recommendations of the Expert Council are available online on the FOS website.

Besides, at the meeting, members of the Expert Council heard a report concerning the concept for improving the work with complaints from consumers of financial services, which was presented by Mikhail Mamuta, Head of the Service for Consumer Protection and Financial Inclusion of the Bank of Russia, who is a member of the FOS Council.


The FOS Expert Council is a collegial consultative and advisory body whose tasks include preparing recommendations in the field of the FOS activities and the protection of the rights of consumers of financial services.

In accordance with Article 12 of the Federal Law “On the Ombudsman for the Rights of Consumers of Financial Services”, the Council, among other things, studies the practice of carrying out the activities of the Financial Ombudsman Service, develops recommendations on the review of complaints and summarises the practice of complaints consideration.