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On what grounds can the FOS deny you reviewing your complaint?

  1. The consumer has not previously filed a claim with a financial institution.
  2. The financial organization to which the consumer makes claims does not interact with the FOS and, therefore, is not included in the Register or in the List of interacting organizations.
  3. The amount of the consumer’s claim to the financial institution exceeds 500,000 rubles (this restriction does not apply to claims under Compulsory Motor Liability Insurance contracts).
  4. The appellant is not a consumer of financial services, nor a legal representative of the consumer, nor the person to whom the right to call on a financial organization under an agreement on assignment (cession) of claim rights has been assigned.
  5. More than three years have passed since the day when the consumer learnt or was supposed to learn about the violation of his right.
  6. The consumer’s complaint is sent against a financial institution that has been excluded from the register of financial organizations of the appropriate type (for example, an insurance organization has been excluded from the unified state register of insurance entities), whose licence has been revoked (cancelled) or which has been liquidated (is in the process of liquidation) or ceased operations.
  7. The case is pending or has already been examined in court on the same dispute and ground.
  8. There already is a FOS decision or an agreement between the parties on the same dispute and ground.
  9. The complaint with the same demands has already been accepted by the FOS for review.
  10. Demands in the complaint concern compensation for non-pecuniary damage or compensation for losses in the form of lost profits.
  11. Demands in the complaint concern labour, familial, administrative, tax legal relations and/or the collection of mandatory payments and sanctions provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  12. Demands in the complaint concern the bankruptcy of individuals or legal entities.
  13. The settlement is achieved through a mediation process.
  14. The text of the complaint is illegible.
  15. The complaint contains obscene or offensive language, threats to life, health and property of the financial ombudsman or other persons.